Bandvista User Guide

How to build and edit your website.

1 - Welcome!

A. What can Bandvista do for you?

Bandvista was created for musicians and is a website builder that allows anyone to create an industry leading web presence within minutes. To learn more about the service, click here.

B. Features.

Bandvista offers you industry tools such as: Photo Gallery, Mp3 Player, Calendar for your Gigs and Tour Dates, Counter, Blog. For a complete list of features click here: Features.

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2 - Sign Up Process

A. General Information.

Fill in your Email address, Account Name (the URL that you can view your site at), password, and location. The Security code is designed to protect against spamming of the system. Just copy the letters into the box below. Click Start Building My Site!

B. Step 1. - Choose a title for your site.

Type in the name you want to appear on the top of your website. For example: your band name, musician name, music company, etc.

C. Step 2. - Choose a Site Style.

Select the look you want for your site. We have hundreds of templates to choose from, so take your time and fine one that fits with your personality. View any template by clicking on the preview image. You can then confirm your selection by clicking "I Want this Template."

D. Step 3. - Add a Header Image.

You can upload your own image to be used in the header of your site. We recommend a high quailty jpeg image of your band or self. To upload your picture, click on the Browse button to located your image on your computer or disk, select the location, then click Upload Image. Be patient as the upload may take up to several minutes. You can also use a stock image from our library by clicking on the Stock Image button.

Next you have the option to trim/crop your image. This will crop your image in the dimensions of the template you have selected (you can always re-crop later as many times as you like). It is important to crop your image to avoid any stretching or distortion. Just drag the image and use the zoom slider to position it the way you like. Click the Crop button to continue.

E. Step 4. - Finalize the Builder

Here you can see a general preview for the header of your website. You can make quick changes to the image or font size here. Don't worry, you can always edit these items later from your Editor. Click "Finish the Wizard" to complete the sign up process! That's it, you now are ready to add content and customize your site!!

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3 - Pages & Design

A. Editing a Page

To make changes to an existing page on your site, simply click on the page name you want to edit in the left navigation bar under "Pages". i.e. Click "Home" to edit the Home page.

B. Change Your Design/Theme

In your BandVista Dashboard, under the left-side menu labeled "Design", click "Change Theme" and choose from one of the many templates and press "Continue" to change your design.

C. Page Features

Each page can have multiple features. These features can be Text/HTML, Photos, Calendar, etc. To add a new feature to a page, simply click on an "Add Content" button on the page you are editing.

D. Edit Font, Size, Color.

In your Dashboard under the left side menu "Design" choose "Fonts". You can then select the type of text you wish to edit (i.e. Title, Subheaders, paragraph, etc.) Change your font type, size, shadow and color from this menu.

E. Page Name

You can change the name of a page by clicking Page Options in the upper right, then editing the Page Title box. Save Changes.

F. Page Header Image

You can change the name of a page by rolling over the image on the page you're editing and clicking the Change Image button. Or, you can select from the side menu Design / Header Images. Upload or select an existing image to insert into the page. Changes will be saved automatically.

G. Re-cropping a Header Image

You can re-crop your header image under the "Header Images" area, located under the "Design" menu. Click the "Crop" button located underneath the image you wish to edit. You can re-size the image from this area to get the best fit for your header by using the "zoom in" and "zoom out" tools. Once you have finished, click the "Trim over selected area" button.

H. Page Layout

You can change the way the page is layed out. You can have 1 to 4 columns of content per section. Each section layout can be changed by clicking the orange layout icons. The graphical layout icons will show you how the content will be divided in that section.

I. Page Options

In the Page Options area, you can make hierarchy changes to the page. You can move it to a sub-page, make it an intro page, or even a private page unlisted from the main menu.

J. "Powered-by Bandvista" Logo

The "Powered By" logo cannot be removed during your Free Trial. Once you upgrade your membership you will be able to remove the "Powered By" logo from your website in the Footer Options located in the top dropdown menu.

K. Add a New Page

You can add a new page, by clicking on the Add New Page button in the left navigation menu under Pages.

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4 - Features of Bandvista

A. General

Features are the tools that give you access to industry resources. We want to give musicians some traction getting noticed and these are some key resources to help you do just that.

B. Add/Remove a Feature From My Page

To add a feature, click on any page. From your Page Editor screen, click "Add Content". You can add any of the features BandVista provides from this area. To remove a feature, move your mouse over the feature and click. In the top right corner of the feature you will see a trash can icon. Click the trash can icon and choose "OK" to remove the feature. 

C. Move A Feature On My Page

To move a feature, move your mouse over the feature you wish to move and click the compass-arrow (next to the trash can). This is the "Move" icon. Click and drag your feature from the "Move" icon to another open area on the page and when you see it change color over the new area, release the mouse button and it will save the move.


D. Change Page Layout

In the Page Editor Screen you should see six orange and white boxes located directly under your header image. You can click on any of these six boxes to rearrange the layout of your page. 1 column to 4 columns with various widths.

E. Add Music

You can add music to your website by clicking the "Add Music" tab located on your site Dashboard (or in the top dropdown menu labeled Audio File Manager / Upload File). Click "Choose File". Choose your music file from your computer's hard drive and click "Open". You can change the settings of your Site Audio Player under "Audio File Manager", located under the "File Library" category of your drop down menu. To sell your music online, please see the "E- store" section.


F. Add Video

BandVista supports embed code from all major networks, including YouTube, Vimeo and others. To add video to any page, select the video feature from the Add Content menu. Cut and paste the video URL (i.e. you wish to embed into the video feature box. You will then see your video on your website.

G. Add Photos

To upload photos to a gallery: In your Site Dashboard, click the "Add Photos" icon. (Or if you are editing the page with the photo gallery, click Add Image) By default, you can upload images to the default gallery. However, you can create multiple galleries to organize your images. Simply go to the Image Gallery page, click "Create New Gallery" icon in the top right hand corner of your screen. Give a name to this gallery and press "Create". Press the "Add Image" icon. From here you can drag and drop images from your hard drive to the photo gallery you recently created. When uploads finish, click "Update". You can create multiple photo galleries in your BandVista account.  

To upload photos to a text template: In your Page Editor Screen click the area in your text where you would like to add your photo. Your text editor will have a text toolbar with an "Add Photos" icon. Click the icon to upload your photos. 

H. Add Links to Your Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, etc.

You can create "Social Links" for your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ pages. To add a Social Link, click your drop down menu located at the top of your page next to the "Home" tab. Under the "Settings" tab choose "Social Links". Add the URL of your Social Link pages and click "Save". An icon for each page you have added will appear at the bottom of your website in the footer section. 

I. Site Poll

You can create a Poll of questions for our users that will automatically be tallied by our system. To create a poll, click the drop down menu located next to the "Home" tab. Under "Features" choose "Polls". Click "Create new poll" and type in question you wish to ask your fans. When you are finished, click "Create". Now that you have created the poll, you can create answers to your question under the "Answer" tab. Once you have created your answer, click "Create". When you are finished creating answers, click the "Update" button to complete your poll. Once your poll is completed, it can be added to any page by using the "Add Content" button. 

J. Footer Settings

Your Footer Settings is located under your Drop Down menu under the "Settings" category. Under "Settings" click "Footer Settings".

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5 - Domain Info

A. Custom WWW Domain

As you begin the upgrade process, you will be able to add a domain name to your website. Your domain will be a unique web address that no one else will be able to use or copy. Be sure you have no typos or errors in creating your domain. In most cases a domain address is permanent and you cannot remove typos once the domain has been.

B. Using a WWW Domain You Already Own

Once you have upgraded your product, our system will send you an automated email. In this email you will see our DNS settings (Name Servers). They are NS1.BANDVISTA.COM and NS2.BANDVISTA.COM. You will need to log into your Domain provider and change your name servers to the BandVista name servers listed in your automated email.  If you cannot find the email or need additional help, please contact support.

C. Remove My Domain

If you need to for any reason remove your domain, you can contact support at or 1-877-875-4470.

D. Configure a Domain You Already Own To Work With Bandvista.

Log into your domain registrar (i.e. godaddy,, etc) and set your DNS (Nameservers) to the following:


If you have already upgraded your website, your domain will then start working with your new website in less than 24 hours. Contact if you have any questions.

E. Transfer a Domain You Own to Bandvista.

This will transfer the domain you own to Bandvista for us to manage. We will then handle all the annual renewals of your domain name as long as your site is paid and up to date. First: Get a domain authorization code from your current registrar and send it to We will then initiate the transfer of your domain. Second: The owner of the domain will receive a confirmation e-mail to finalize the transfer of the domain. The full transfer time can take anywhere from 1 to 7 days. Please contact if you have any questions.

F. Transfer My Bandvista Domain to Another Provider

If you need instructions on how to transfer your domain, you can call us between the hours of 9am-5pm (EST) at 1-877-875-4470 or email

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6 - Account & Billing

A. Upgrade and Publish Your Site.

At the top of your screen, next to your drop down menu click the "Upgrade Now!" button. From here you can check on the availability of your domain that we will purchase on your behalf. If you own your own domain, you can enter the name of your previously purchased domain at this time. If the domain you wish for us to purchase is not available, you will need to (I need to go through sign up process to make sure the rest of this is correct).

B. Change My Payment Method

Click on your email drop down menu located at the top right hand corner of your screen. From your email drop down menu, click "Billing Information". You should be able to see your past billing information. You can either edit your current billing information or you can add alternate billing by clicking the "New Payment Method" button.

C. Change My Payment Plan

Click on your email drop down menu located at the top right hand corner of your screen. From your email drop down menu, click "Billing Information".

D. Cancel Account

Go to your account and billing section and click Cancel Service.

E. Can I Have Multiple Websites?

Yes. You can manage multiple websites from the same email address. To add another website, click the email drop down menu located at the top right hand corner of your screen. From your email drop down menu, scroll down to "New Site". This will start your 30 day free trial period for the new website you want to create.

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7 - Email and Newsletters

A. Create A Personal E-mail Address

Once you upgrade your account you will have the ability to create your own email addresses. To create your own email address, click the "Mail" tab located on the left hand side of your Dashboard. Choose the "Mailboxes" tab and click the "Add Mailbox" button. When you are finished creating your mailbox click "Create".

B. How Many E-mail Accounts Can I Have?

Gold Members can create up to 5 personal emails for their website. Platinum Members can create up to 10 emails.

C. Where to Send and Receive Your E-mail

On the left hand side of your dashboard, click "Mail". Click "Webmail". This will bring up your dedicated email service. Log in with your email address and password to send and receive messages.

D. Connect Email with Mobile Device

Make sure to set your mobile account up as IMAP and not POP. Then enter in the following:

   Host Name:
   User Name: Your email address
   Password:  Your BandVista email password

E. Set up a Newsletter Address

Once you upgrade your service, your newsletter email will be created automatically by our system.

F. Send a Newsletter to Your Fans

You can send a newsletter directly from your BandVista Dashboard. Click your "Mail" tab and choose "Newsletter". To create a new Newsletter click "Add Newsletter.

G. How Do Fans Sign Up for the Newsletter?

You can enable the Newsletter widget for you webpage by adding the "Mailing List" feature to your website.

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8 - E-Store: Selling Music and Merchandise

A. Setting Up Your E-Store

Your E-store can be separated into two categories, "Music" and "Merchandise". Below are quick and easy steps to set up each:    

Music Store: To create a music store, click the drop down menu and choose "Store" under the "Features" category. Choose "Create New Store". You will need to name the store, enter your Paypal information, and type of currency. To create a "Music" store, click the drop down menu labeled "Type" and choose "Audio File". You can use files you have already uploaded to your site audio player or you can add a new digital song by clicking the "Add Product" button. 

Merchandise Store: To create a merchandise store, click the drop down menu and choose "Store" under the "Features" category. Choose "Create New Store". You will need to name the store, enter your Paypal information, and type of currency. To create a "Merchandise" store, click the drop down menu labeled "Type" and choose "Merchandise". You can use files you have already uploaded to your site audio player or you can add a new digital song by clicking the "Add Product" button.

B. What Can I Sell From My Store?

From the "Audiofile" store, you can sell your music and albums in digital format. From the  "Merchandise" store, you can sell any physical merchandise (physical copies of albums, t-shirts, etc) that you may want to sell.

C. Do I Keep All My Profits?

BandVista does not take anything out of your profits. You will keep 100% of the profits sold from your store.

D. Set Up A PayPal Account

You will first need to create an account by visiting . If you need additional help setting up your Paypal account, you can go here:

Once your account has been created click "Paypal Settings" in your Drop Down window under the "Settings". Enter in your Paypal information and click "Save".

E. Connect My E-Store to My Paypal Account

Under your "Store" feature click the "Edit Store Settings" icon.  Enter in your Paypal email address and Currency and click "Update".

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